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This is a single location bill. The customer is part of the InTELEbill® affinity group. InTELEbill® allows a brand logo as well as an affinity logo to be printed on the same statement. A custom message for the affinity group may be printed on the cover page. If the customer has a past due balance, a different message may be printed. In addition, the three lines immediately after the address are reserved for custom messages. A custom message is a message created for a specific account. You determine the number of months a custom message appears on the statement.

The customer's address has been verified and is bar coded with the correct zip code, plus 4 and delivery point information to obtain maximum postage discounts.

The second page is the recap page. You have the flexibility to customize wording for the headers on the invoice.

Usage Discount and Min. Contract Obligations: Usage discounts can be calculated based on the customer's or group's usage. You determine the parameters for the discount percentage and minimum contract obligation.

If the usage is between $500 and $1000 for the customer or the group, you can choose to have the discount applied to each call or, applied at the end of the bill. If minimum contract obligation for a customer is $50 in Long Distance Usage and the customer only uses $18.30, a charge of $31.70 would be added to the bill. You determine what charges are included in the minimum: Long Distance, Local, Recurring Charges, Other Charges, Taxes and Surcharges.

This bill layout has summary reports followed by the individual call detail. The call detail default order is by Origination Number, Date and Time. However, the calls may be ordered by destination number or by length of call, this is selectable by customer.

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