Calloway Golf (view bill)

On the cover page, the message has changed and reflects that the customer has a past due balance of $13.96. This amount is automatically calculated and placed in the message anywhere the word <pastdue> is used. This allows you to create your own message.

The cover is printed on stock blank perforated paper with your logo splashed in black and white. The return address and remittance address are printed at definable coordinates. Multiple addresses can be used for the remittance address. This can be useful if you have multiple carriers and one requires a lock box agreement, or if you are reselling and doing the billing for the reseller. Multiple cycles can also be created within InTELEbill®.

The summary reports may be turned on and off for a specific account and a threshold can be set. In this example the customer's bill is less than $100, so summary reports are not created.

The information and format of the call detail can be changed as well. You will set defaults to save order-entry time. However, at the customer level you may: carry price to four decimal places on the call detail; bill in hundredths of a minute have it display 2 decimal places; and/or round every call up to the next highest penny.

This sample bill, Calloway Golf (414Kb), is published in Adobe's PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later is required to view and print this sample bill.


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