Pizza Zone (view bill)

This is a group bill. Two accounts have been rolled into one (Pizza Zone Headquarters and Pizza Zone Preston Rd.). At the top of the third page we find the group number. This bill shows the combined usage, surcharges and taxes for both locations. The summary reports on pages 10 and 11 reflect both accounts.

What follows is each location's local line charges and call detail. Group bills enable you to choose to have one bill sent to the parent, or have a courtesy copy sent to each location and a master copy with the remittance sent to the parent, or choose to have a courtesy copy sent to the parent and each of the locations receive their bill with a remittance. A discount plan can be created to utilize the traffic of the entire group, or it can be assigned based on each location's individual usage.

This sample bill, Pizza Zone (267Kb), is published in Adobe's PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later is required to view and print this sample bill.


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