Rudy Hong (view bill)

This bill example includes charges for Local Services and Monthly Recurring Charges, (MRCs). InTELEbill® may have an unlimited number of MRCs allowing you to bill for Dial Tone, Calling Features (USOCs), Data, Equipment, Pagers, Access, etc. Local Services and Monthly Recurring Charges have begin and end dates which facilitate billing in advance and pro-rating partial months' service. Local Services appear under their own section of the bill. There are also separate sections available for Internet related charges and Monthly Recurring Charges. InTELEbill® offers further postage discounts by placing statements with less the eight physical pages in 6x9 envelopes. This is a significant savings over using 9x12 flats and may be less intimidating to the customer.

The remittance address is bar coded with the proper zip code, plus 4 and delivery point. This address is CASS certified and will be returned faster utilizing the US postal service's courtesy reply mail system. Look forward to better mail turnaround and improved cash flow with courtesy reply mail. Remittance mailers such as credit unions, utility companies, banks, mortgage firms, and other companies expecting a 100% response rate most often use courtesy Reply Mail. Postage is paid by your customers.

Unique features: FIM A and your Zip+4 and delivery point bar coded. (The FIM A marks are the five marks on the top right of the envelope next to the stamp.) FIM A separates your mail from the rest of the mailstream. Then, your bar code lets the US Post Office quickly gather all your mail and return it to you sooner. This faster, more efficient method of processing your mail results in quicker mail turnaround.

The entire bill is printed portrait. This allows for the most information to be place on each page, once again lowering postage costs and creating a thinner looking bill.

You determine the message printed on the back of the remit. You may have multiple invoice backers in the same billing cycle. The rest of the bill was printed on blank 24 lb bright white stock.

In this example, after the cover page comes the breakdown of charges by service type, followed by the call detail. The last page has the invoice summary and a tax summary. You can control the order in which the bill is assembled.

Custom Bill Design: The layout, font style, headers, and charts on this bill are all available through custom bill design. Our programming staff will work with you to design the bill you want to represent your company (separate programming fees may apply).

This sample bill, Rudy Hong (2831Kb), is published in Adobe's PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later is required to view and print this sample bill.


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