The Invoice

For most service providers the bill is the only tangible element in the relationship with the customer. An informative invoice that's easy to understand is a key element in customer retention and cross-selling. By allowing you to essentially design your own bill, you can increase brand presence and customer loyalty. Several invoice features within InTELEbill® enable you to advertise add-on services to existing accounts and effectively use the invoice as a marketing tool:
  • Large custom message area on the cover page.
  • Service types are displayed in header boxes.
  • Filter on any field to send multiple marketing messages during a billing cycle.
  • Invoice backers are definable at the account level and also may be filtered on any field associated with the customer.
Our programming staff will work with you in order to create the invoice that best meets your needs.

Sandy Beaches Software provides several different ways to invoice customers, including:

  • Direct: Our staff prints paper invoices duplexed on high speed HP laser jet printers using 24lb bright paper. Intelligent inserting is performed at a CASS certified mailing facility.
  • EBPP (Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment): Invoices are e-mailed to customers. They are directed to the client's site. Customers can then view and pay their bills online through a customized interface provided by SBS.
  • Direct & E-Mail: Option to print and mail paper invoice as well as send via e-mail.
  • InTELEview: CD Rom billing includes a data mining software program for business customers to analyze bills and call traffic.

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