Customer Service Functionality

From the customer information screen, your service reps have the information necessary to answer most questions. From receivable history to reprints of past bills to trouble tickets to notes on prior contacts, it's all available from this one screen. CSRs can retrieve a customer by entering the customer's name, account number, or any of their ANIs. All ANIs associated with an account are in an easy to read table format.

The traffic light icon provides the CSR with quick recognition of the account's receivable status. The light signals green for current accounts, yellow for accounts 30 days past due, and red for all accounts 60 days or over. InTELEbill®'s real-time, event driven access to information helps you manage your business and make decisions based on data that is absolutely current.

CSRs may use the "Give a Credit" feature while in the customer screen. These transactions are reviewed/approved and posted to the system from the accounting module - eliminating the need for a "paper trail".

Timesaving Functions - A graphical user interface, data entry wizard tools, and on-line help save time and decrease users' learning curve. The on-line help system is context sensitive. The help windows can be modified by the client to meet specific company procedures. For added convenience, the complete InTELEbill® data dictionary is provided for total control over your data files.

Customer Information screenshot

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