To ensure the accuracy of taxes and surcharges, we utilize the EZTax® tax compliance system by BillSoft®, Inc. These tax tables are updated monthly. After each billing, we return a report to you, as well as a database file, showing your tax liability in each jurisdiction. The data provided can be used by your staff to submit tax returns or forwarded to a third party tax compliance company for filing. Custom reports can be created on a tax jurisdiction level or customer level.

Customer tax screenshot
Full tax breakdown view by customer 

InTELEbill® provides the flexibility you need to bill and tax your customers properly. An easy-to-use tax section enables account specific set-up, so that virtually any scenario of tax exemptions are taxed properly. Some features include:
  • Ability to view tax breakdowns and the corresponding rates that were charged on a particular invoice from the customer information screen.
  • When a credit is issued or an account is written off to bad debt, the user can determine what tax credits will be applied to the transaction.
  • Customers are initially categorized as either business or residential. Additional classifications such as Lifeline participant, senior citizen, or industrial may also be added at the customer level.
  • Exemptions can be made based on type of tax and/or tax jurisdiction at the account level.
  • InTELEbill® also can differentiate between various telecom business models (CLEC, ILEC, Primary Long Distance, Local Primary, or Facilities Based) in order to rate and tax wholesale invoices properly.


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