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InteleWATCH Keeps an Eye on Provisioning

Sandy Beaches Software introduces the InteleWATCH module to be used in conjunction with their flagship billing and customer care solution, InTELEbill®. InteleWATCH is a real-time monitoring tool whose first application is to interface InTELEbill® with real-time switch provisioning. The tool acts as a gateway to watch for events to be triggered. It then sends the data to the appropriate switch. Intervals can be set to various times allowing customers the flexibility to select how often the switch is updated. InteleWATCH conveniently rests in the server's toolbar and patiently awaits its next instructions. It can be easily accessed to monitor the status of provisioning and logs all transactions.

"This tool was initially created to integrate with switches from MetaSwitch and CopperCom as requested by our clients. It was developed to automate provisioning routines giving our clients the ability to create a new customer and provision the services to their switch seamlessly. Less data entry allows for more accuracy and a more effective use of their staff's time," explained SBS lead developer, Thomas Testi. "There is still a lot of potential development that can come out of this product. It has many future application uses, providing for more effective OSS solutions for providers. InteleWATCH's capabilities allow for more customer self-care options. End-users would be able to add new lines and service to their own accounts via the Web. It could also enhance the suspend/reconnect feature within InTELEbill® by automating this process directly to the customer's switch."

"This module is beneficial to large and small providers who are always looking for ways to cut down on manual processes either due to volume loads or manpower shortages." commented SBS president, Jeff Lytle. "We also welcomed the chance to implement 'direct to the switch provisioning' capabilities for our customers by working with these popular switch manufacturers. Our relationships with the switch makers benefit our customers. We make it a point to stay informed about the changes they are making and understand how these changes can affect our client's business model."

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