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It Is Easy Being Green

Billing Software Provider Does Its Part for the Environment

Headquartered in Oklahoma, a state that is known for its wind, Sandy Beaches Software is now 100% wind powered. Jeff Lytle, Founder and President said "My children come home from school and tell me to think globally and act locally. We want to do our part, and reducing our carbon emissions by up to 70 tons per year seems like a good start. Signing up for OG&E's wind power program harnesses this native 'asset' resulting in lower dependence on fossil fuels."

"We are also overhauling InTELEbill®'s Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment (EBPP) module. Our current clients will be given the EBPP module source code for no charge and new customers can purchase the source code for a one time charge of $2000. The EBPP module enables our clients to do 'their part' by offering paperless billing. It's an easy way for them to be green and save some green. Telcos save on printing and mailing costs with InTELEbill's EBPP module and emailed invoice feature," remarked Lytle.

If consumers and businesses are reluctant to give up paper bills, they can choose to receive both an emailed bill and a paper bill. There is not an additional charge for the emailed version of the invoice. "We've found that customers, who receive electronic bills a few times, realize how convenient they can be. Which leads to opting out of mailed invoices," said Lytle.

The latest version of InTELEbill®'s web portal released at Comptel Fall EXPO 2009 boasts more customer self-care features and agent-specific capabilities. Consumers can simply review call data on a specific day, or go as far as creating customized reports that allow them to slice and dice their data with the help of predefined templates or a query writer. The amount and complexity of the reporting capabilities can be tailored to fit the user. Additionally, consumers may download their call records and reports in several different formats.

The payment portion of the modules allows for secure encrypted credit card or ACH transactions using clearing houses such as, USAEpay, or ViaClick. Consumers can elect to have the transactions completed automatically each month or to manually make the payment monthly.

Paper invoicing is far from "green" but as long as customers continue to demand paper bills, utilizing things like wind power behind the scenes will at least take away some of the impact. It is very likely that some point in the near future a high number of consumers and businesses will embrace a paperless society and everyone will be on board with online billing.

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