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Sandy Beaches and EOT's Billing Partnership Comes Full Circle

OKLAHOMA CITY— Sandy Beaches Software (SBS) announces New York-based Empire One Telecom, Inc (EOT) has again implemented the InTELEbill® product for their billing, provisioning, and customer care solution. EOT was one of Sandy Beaches Software's first CLEC customers, re-selling Bell Atlantic residential dial tone in 1998. Empire One is now a facilities-based carrier which provides local dial tone, long distance, VoIP, ADSL 2+ and broadband Internet services to residential and enterprise customers from 48 states and even overseas.

"We've had very low attrition since we began doing telecommunications billing in 1989. When EOT expressed an interest in converting back to InTELEbill® we were eager to re-kindle the good working relationship we'd already developed with them. Our staff was also anxious to show off all of the program enhancements we'd made since their departure," commented Sandy Beaches President, Jeff Lytle. At EOT's request, SBS quickly implemented additional features such as crediting CDRs real-time and a direct provisioning interface with EOT's Coppercom switches.

"EOT has expanded our product lines to include a VoIP solution for Enterprise customers in the DUMBO (Brooklyn) area and Manhattan. We were pleased to see that Sandy Beaches had continued to take their product in a direction that met our needs," said Empire One Telecom COO, Paul Butler. "SBS made a commitment to get us back on their system in a very short period of time, and they dedicated the resources needed to be true to their word. Our CSRs haven't reported an increase in customer service calls since the SBS bills went out - a very welcome change from our last conversion [with a different vendor]. We value our partnership with Sandy Beaches and believe InTELEbill® is a solid billing solution that's an asset to our organization," remarked Butler.

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